Hi everybody,

Can anyone tell me if it’s allowed for the service user receiving either DP or a PB can see information regarding their funding, how it’s worked out, and how it’s divided up into which carer gets paid what for what…

It’s my understanding you’re supposed to have a breakdown of funding sent out to you when you have your annual review completed and the years funding approved.

Has anyone had any joy actually seeing the figures, if so, how did you manage it? Is it all subject to a SAR or is there another way you’ve seen the balance sheet.

Thank you all.

With DP’s they are not supposed to tell you exactly who gets what, where and when.

It should be more like 15 hours @ £10 per hour, then whoever is managing the DP’s makes arrangements.
However, it MUST be possible to get care at teh rate they have given.

Would you like to tell us more about what is going on?

Are you a family carer or paid carer?
Who is managing the DP’s?