Direct Payments

Hello Carers from a fellow carer in Wales,
First time post, and looking for some advice in relation to Direct Payments.
The person I care for (my father) has been assessed as requiring 12.5 hours per week of daytime home care, plus 18 hours of night sits per week. This is currently being offered as a package of care arranged through social services and delivered by a private organisation.
We as a family are generally unhappy with the service being provided by the private organisation, and so I am exploring Direct Payments.
Would anyone be able to advise as to whether I have the understanding below correct please?
Would the local authority offer the equivalent in direct payments per week (which I estimate to be in the region of £450) so that we can source the care provider independently without needing to go through social services brokerage? We are currently paying a maximum of £90 per week for social care (as is in Wales). Does this mean that the direct payment would only be £90, or the actual cost on a per hour/per visit?
Many thanks, Paul.

Hi Paul … welcome to the forum … croeso i’r fforwm.

( Don’t ask me to pronounce that ! )

Direct Payments … a specialist area … none of us on this forum are experts , at best , posting from first hand experience of them.

Links to external sites for guidance on the whole aspect :


Personal budgets for social care - NHS


Direct payments | Carers UK

Department of Health ( A real heavyweight ) :

( I would also explore your own LAs web site for their take on DPs … post code lottery out there at times … including
the monies so allocated under DPs / as a result of a needs assessment. )

CUK Advice Team may be able to throw more light on this … best by email :