Are we being paid the right amount?

Hello and sorry if this has been covered already.
Since Oct '20 my hub and I care for our (adult) nephew who has severe learning disabilities and needs 24 hr supervision and help with personal care. So that we could be his carers we’ve shifted the house around and made the living room into another bedroom for me and hub so nephew has room closest to the bathroom. Nephew sleeps here 3 nights a week as standard and between us it’s a 90 hour week.
My question is about what should be paid/reimbursed. There’s a block payment for the 9 hours sleep and £9/hr for the rest of the hours. Nothing is given towards bills or board despite him having min 3 meals a day here, bathing, laundry, bedroom, etc. It’s all being done thru my sis-in-law (his mum) and direct payments and we keep being told direct payments don’t pay bed/board/etc?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve ask a few question on your other post.

we keep being told direct payments don’t pay bed/board/etc?

Who is saying this ? sister in law or Social Services.

Was there ever a discussion of payments going straight to you from Social Services.

Hi Sunny,
DP have never really spoken with either of us and no one from SS has either. My hub worked in residential care but left that job to care for nephew. S-i-l has an accountant that sends us the wages as cheques.
So to answer your question, s-i-l is the one telling us it doesn’t get covered by DP.

Is she working, or claiming benefits??

She gets various benefits, for herself and nephew, she’s single, has her own mental health issues, coming up on retirement age either way. I’m not really concerned with what she is getting - I don’t think she’s ripping us off herself but she gets confused with it all which is why she got the accountant. I’m just trying to get clarification on DP and what they do cover really.

DP cover the cost of care. Your nephew should be paying a contribution to the household for his food etc from his benefits.