Coronavirus Testing for private Carers

Hi all,

My mum is a live in, full time carer from her 87 year old father with late stage Parkinson’s and her learning disabled sister. This morning, despite strictly isolating the whole family, she has developed symptoms for the Coronavirus. I’m desperately trying to find a way in which we can get her tested so that we can know for sure. My sister and I both live in London and our family live in the Lake District, but if my mother did test positive we could travel to them to take over caring responsibilities while she recovers. However we don’t want to take a unnecessary journey that could potentially bring the virus to our vulnerable grandad if she doesn’t have the virus…

Has anyone had any luck getting tested as a ‘private’ carer?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Charlotte … welcome to a coronavirus free forum as I type.

Your grandmother … Government advice for vulnerable persons :
People at higher risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS

It might be handy to have a word direct with AGE UK to ensure she is on their radar , and see what they have to say about coronavirus testing :

Coronavirus guidance | Age UK

In our world , CarerLand , it’s very much every carer for themself … nothing organised on a nationwide basis for testing us.

Sure , plenty of self testing coronavirus kits for sale on the Internet … just search using those four words … whether or not
any are full proof , I leave that to the scientists and medical profession out there … quite a bit again on the Internet.

The latest Government guidance for carers :

I can’t give you any advice on that subject, but mum is doing too much, she needs to reduce her workload whatever happens.

Does she get any support in her caring role. Is dad getting Attendance Allowance? Claiming exemption from Council Tax due to the dementia.
Is the exemption also being claimed for her sister? She should be receiving PIP?

Most importantly of all, what has been arranged for the future of her sister when mum cannot care for her, long term?
Is she known to the local learning disability team?

I’m afraid at the moment Mum can only gown up as best she can. What are her actual symptoms. Does she have mild and feels she can continue to provide basic care.

If Mum feels at the moment to carry on… she can only follow the home isolating guide lines. There is now a possibility if she might me positive that granddad and your sister might develop some symptoms.

As you are a great distance from each other. It’s a situation you as a family. Will have to decide what you wish to do going forward.

This is a awful time for everyone. Are you using a social media web site for face to face and to communicate.

In your subject description you describe your family as private carers. Your are family carers the description may limit. Some carers not reading your posting.