Asymptomatic testing

Hi I’m a new member, I’m a full time carer for a vulnerable adult (daughter) with learning disabilities, I am vulnerable with mental health issues and my younger daughter ASD and mental health issues. Is there any testing available for asymptomatic Covid 19? I’m trying to shield my daughter but we have to shop and go out. My younger daughter just returned to school Y8, I’m so anxious about the rise in cases and I feel that there needs to be an increase in antibody testing and asymptomatic testing. I can only find information about symptomatic testing. Thanks


It is my understanding that you can only be tested if you have symptoms; this is to ensure that there are sufficient tests for those that need them.

I am sure you are following all the guidance to keep safe and being very careful. Schools have protocols in place and timely access to guidance as it changes.

Antibody tests can be done privately, but I would think both your daughters may find this distressing.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.