Coronavirus : Latest Key Worker Definitions

… and family carers ?

Covered in the first category: other frontline health and social care staff including volunteers

Volunteers ?

Not intended to be a thread for splitting hairs but … that does raise more than one issue.

Perhaps covered by the infamous " All family carers choose to care " … and so now drafted towards the Cause ?

One for Carers UK to clarify in the light of what’s actually happening to many carers nationwide ?

Left to fend for themselves when compared with the resources given to " Key workers " ?

Yet again we have been dumped on from a great height. Would any of these decision makers want to care 24/7 for the foreseeable future with no prospect of respite??
They talk about reducing hours but respecting human rights.
Doesn’t that actually say that people are getting more care than they need?
Apparently they don’t realise what a struggle it is, in normal circumstances, to squeeze a few hours out of social services!
My son has just had 28 hours of day services wiped away. I can’t look after him any more, so he will be at his flat for 21 hours a day, or more, without anyone to talk to.

Please see Michael’s reply on page 4 of another topic here

Thanks Susie … link in that thread is now dead.

Would be pleasing to see some specific advice , as opposed to general and read between the lines advice , for all family carers … not forgetting our kinship cousins.

I will assume that most family carers are now doing what they need to do … as opposed to following any generalised instruction manual out there.

For example … going out several times a day in order to source essentials , even leaving their caree at home , perhaps at risk , whilst doing so ?

Family carers do what no one else will.

thanks Bill, I have pm’d Michael and asked for another link !
(I’m presuming you mean the link to the .GOV website ?)

Yes … to be honest , that Government web site is now worse than a maze on coronavirus.

Bits and pieces now everywhere , hardly any coordinated by subject matter / target reader.

Not for me to suggest the conoravirus section in the Guardian ?

Michael now reports link fixed