Corona Virus and Carers

Is anyone else out there who is confused and concerned about what we have to do in the event that either we or our cared for has to self isolate. I have read advice that we should have a contingency plan. I have tried to devise one but keep hitting the same brick wall
If I self isolate, the carers will not come in because of the risk of infection. Likewise if it is my wife. My added complication is that I look after Mum. So if I am knocked out or she needs to self isolate, then I have no idea what I will do. Feel no one has thought through how carers will cope

But now the politics after Matt Hancock’s announcement moves to affect all over 70’s … all 7+ million of them … in isolation for 4 months … So many whose lives depend on their Carers whether they be family or professionals. This has so not been thought through … or maybe it has and this fear and control of the older generation is intended. They say it is to take care of the older generation and protect them. Who are they fooling.

My dear 80 year old husband, who I care for, is in shock tonight and I do not know how to allay his fears.

I don’t suppose they have thought about family carers who live with an elderly parent and provide care but also go out to work ! How is my 90 yr old mum supposed to self isolate as I work part time in a reception role and so deal with members of the public . I have been considering giving up work and look after her full time and start claiming carers allowance. Perhaps now is the time to do it !
Incidentally despite notices on doors asking people to use the hand gel on entering our reception . MOST have to be firmly asked to do so ! !