Support during the Corona Virus

Has any unpaid carer been advised what is to happen to their cared for in the event they or their paid carers contract corona virus.
I am able to do some of the work but cannot do any lifting due to scoliosis of the spine. The current advice is to try and recruit friends and family to help.
Not sure this has been thought through. Who is going to train anyone coming in.
Very worrying. I feel we are going to be left to our devices

Have you made contact with the care agency or social services. Voiced your concerns. Ask the questions you have posted here.
Get your needs assessment updated to cover … what will happen if x takes place.

We are in unknown territory and everyone needs to work together. I know it’s all very stressful!!

It the unknown I’m an organiser and like to have ever thing covered. But there is only the information we have currently to work too.

Make some phone calls on Monday.

I took a call from our social worker on Friday. It was a terrible line because she was working from home apparently and we are both in rural areas with often poor reception. She was asking what contingency plans we had in place during the coronavirus outbreak. I said we had not made any as the news changed daily but I hoped we would be fine. She didn’t offer any advice so I am guessing she was just told to ring people and tick us off on her list.

i called adult social care and hscc no help really only told us to try different online shops other than tesco for delivery