Continuing Health care

I’ve applied for retrospective CHC in respect of my late mother. I’ve appointed a NO win No fee solicitor and I’m already regretting it . I didn’t realise that it appears all they do is submit the NHS application in my behalf but to complete that you need quite a lot of knowledge about CHC which I don’t have ( hence my decision to appoint a solicitor) .
I’m disabled myself and get really stressed about things which isn’t helping,
Has anyone else gone via this route and if so can you share experiences with me please as in what should I expect from the solicitor as I seem to be having to do all the work at the moment.

Thank you

My mum had what was an apparently good case, I paid a solicitor £10,000 in total, but got nowhere. Rip off.

Worrywart … you need to look at the site “Care To Be Different”. Loads of free advice on there.

Advice on there enabled me to get Fast Track Continuing Health care for my Mum for the last couple of months of her life. I emailed them and thanked them.

PS. I left you a message on another thread about stomas.

What thread was that Penny, I can’t find it sorry probably me, had one of those days when I hate technology arghhhh

Nightmare, sorry to hear that :confused:


Penny might be referring to this thread

The Care to be different site is here


Thank you, I’ve found the thread now x