End of life and CHC

Hi all I posted a few months back. My mother died in August in a home. She’d been there for 5 years following a brain haemorrhage which then developed into advanced dementia.
In February 20 she was discharged from hospital back to the residential home. I tried to have her moved to a nursing home, she was 5 stone, doubly incontinent, no communication - terribly Poorly and frail. The consultant said she was at the end of her life . Covid came I never saw her after.
On the day she died the GP refused to come out, there was no JIC box In the home and as he was a locum GP he didn’t have them either, he sent a script to the chemist that was closed for lunch - she had a traumatic death. I have found out that in June a doctor had advised to reduced fluid and terminal decline was likely. That makes me feel worse as no one told me and no one made sure the support was there ( as in JIC box)

I’m just thinking should she have had CHC and could we apply retrospectively. Please don’t think this is about money, her small house has been left to her grandchildren ( 5 of them ) , I’m executor of the Will and we have a £35,000 debt to pay. This all seems to wrong but I’m not sure I have energy to fight for nothing. The reason she was in a hime is id had serious surgical complications , I have 3 stoma bags , I never complained and I regret it maybe my anger is displaced but my mothers situation is horrific.
Has anyone got any advice please ?

Does the debt relate to her care?

Yes the debt relates to her care.
As you know the council take all her income and the shortfall between that and the cost of the home accrues as a debt - her small house ( value about £70k) has a charge on it so we will have to sell it to repay the debt. It’s a bit more complex than that but that’s basically it.
Obviously had she been entitled to CHC for even some of the time the debt would be less and the hope then would be the family could repay the debt and therefore keep the house. We would like to keep the house in th family and I know she would have wanted that.
I felt all along she should have been entitled to CHC but I never robustly pursued it and the hospital didn’t seem that interested in helping me, I’m disabled myself and my husband is my carer. I have a sister but I’m on my own with this.