Confused with CA

Hi. I’m new to the forum.
My husband has recently received PIP at the standard level and I just had my carers allowance application notification. It says I may be entitled to back pay but because my husband receives esa he has also had a notice of a decrease in his award from the date of my award Feb this year. I understand this.
The back pay comment on my letter is from 12/08/19 (when his pip was finally awarded but took until December).
I’m trying to work this all out, namely because I would use any backpay as well as my CA to get my driving license. An emergency in January has solidified that determination.
I don’t want to get my hopes up so am doomsaying to myself that the backpay isn’t coming.
Has anyone had any experience with backpay? In return for my carers allowance backdated award am I suddenly going to find out that I owe the dwp money because if he has had his esa dropped by an amount then that means it should have been dropped from August 19?
I am the one in control of the family finances so it’s hard for me to relax u til I know what is happening with our budgeting.
Thanks in advancr
D x

Hi Diana, welcome to the forum.

I would suggest that you ring the Carers UK helpline, so you can go through all your benefits with them, in confidence.

I feel confident that you are not going to end up in debt to DWP, I feel sure. As your husband has been awarded PIP, then he will not only be entitled to that, but then there’s a knock on effect, a “premium”.

Have you asked Social Services to do a Needs Assessment for him, and a Carers Assessment for you. Then you can discuss with them what services are available locally for you.

Hello Diana

As bowlingbun has said, the Helpline should be able to respond to your question and I’ve just forwarded your message to them. They should be in contact with a response by email within around 5 working days.

Welcome to the Forum - I hope you find it a supportive place to share your experiences with other carers.