Care Plan - Any Advice?

I’m sorry to trouble you all again but would-be grateful for your advice.

My father receives care from an Agency (a ‘spot provider’) paid for by his local authority. Unfortunately they have proven to be unreliable on a number of occasions : carers have not turned up; been hours late; refused to do things on the care plan ('I don’t clean, wash up , hoover ’ etc) ; have forgotten to prompt my father to take his medication; haven’t fed him; have left much earlier than they are meant to ( on one occasion, for example, my father fell when carers were meant to be with him - I phoned the Agency who said they were with another client and refused to send the carer back despite there still being 45 minutes left of my fathers allocated time : the care record claimed they were still with my father ) etc…

I have tried to speak to the manager at the care agency but got nowhere - they have refused to call me back, were dismissive- said I don’t pay for the hours, my father is still alive so what is the problem etc… .

I can’t keep on covering for them ( I have to keep taking time off work. and am in trouble - I simply have no leave left ) to ensure my father is ready for hospital and is safe. I am exhausted and am concerned for my fathers safety. I also don’t think its right that they are being paid for a service they don’t provide.

I have now finally complained to the social worker - in the hope that as they pay the bill they might be listened to. This was probably a huge mistake. He is now asking for a meeting and wants to discuss, amongst other things, whether my fathers hours can be cut. They really can’t. I am exhausted already from having to provide care that the carers should be doing and from working full time. I haven’t been able to attend my own hospital and doctors appointments. I would walk away to make a point but as my father is terminally ill this seems cruel and could have devastating consequences. I am now on medication for anxiety and stress, my diabetes is out of control. I am simply exhausted - I haven’t had a day off since 15 December. I really couldn’t cope with a further cut in his hours/even less support.

If the social worker tries to cut the hours would I be within my rights to say okay I am no longer going to provide any of the care that I currently do? As I would then have to get him washed/ dressed etc I simply wouldn’t have the time.

Would this mean the care plan would have to be updated to cover all the things that I currently do such as : shopping; cooking; paying bills; sorting out medication; taking him to medical appointments ( such as GP, audiologist, ophthalmologist- appointments for which there is no patient transport ) as well as coordinating transport to and from his thrice weekly hospital dialysis visits? If so this would l far exceed the hours they are proposing to cut …

I can’t continue to work, do night care and everything else that I do as well as the carers job. My father loves being at home and I love him being here. It seems unfair that an agency is being paid for a service they do not provide and the answer , rather than challenging the Agency , is to cut our hours? Am I being unreasonable? is there anything else I can say or do?

I am sorry to ask so many questions I just have no one to discuss it with and you have all been so helpful in the past. Thank you.

HI Faye,
NEVER feel you can’t “bother” us, the forum is here to help all of us and we all provide help for each other.

You sound very stressed and no wonder. The Care Agency have a terrible attitude and at a later date, when you have the strength, put in a formal complaint and report them to CQC. Social care probably only use them on the grounds that they are cheap.
Once you have tackled the whole wanting to reduce hours issue, then request a change of agency as this one clearly isn’t meeting his needs.

The social worker can’t cut the package unless your Dad’s needs have changed and he has improved. Has he?! Of course not. Make sure you are at the review. State you are so exhausted from juggling work and care and from covering for the agency (true) that you can no longer provide any care for your Dad, (otherwise they will cut hours from his budget for the care you are providing.)

I would also ask your GP to support you by contacting social care/writing a letter to explain the effect all of this has had on your health.


There are links on this page to info on Needs assessments and Making a complaint Practical support | Carers UK

Hi Faye.

A potential cut in supporting care services ?

The following is a brief guide from KDC … based on a recent SCOPE release :

Dealing with cuts and changes in care packages – KDC

The original SCOPE release :

Challenge a care assessment | Disability charity Scope UK

A snippet :


Challenging your social care needs assessment.

Your social care needs assessment will decide if you are eligible for support. If you do not get the support you hoped for, this can be upsetting. If you believe you should be eligible for more support, you can :

challenge the decision.

find other sources of help for things not covered by your care and support package.

For a fuller guide as to what support services are out there … and who provides them :


No the social worker cannot just cut services. Nor can they remove the care package without prior consent. Do you have any choice or not? What are your other options? Call or email the company to complain/ask for another carer then if they don’t listen, change to another company without telling them of your decision.

To answer your other question basically yes. Make sure to attend the review with a trusted advocate and a pen. Call your family doctor to explain. Then ask her or him to provide a typed up or handwritten strongly worded letter on your behalf describing your current state of health. Take a short list of questions to the meeting too. Report them as well. You can either file a complaint with the care quality commission or get in contact with your local omsbudman. Be honest.

Clearly you cannot trust them. So fire them. This care company have a terrible unprofessional backwards mindset that is dangerous to the people they care for.