Concerned care home staff getting too close to mum

Has anyone else had any concerns about members of staff in residential home, getting too close to their parents? All mum talks about is how wonderful this girl is, how she texts her on her day off, brings in presents etc. Should I be concerned?

Yes. It sounds very much like “grooming”.
Maybe have a quiet word with the matron / manager?

There are work place boundaries in place in care settings. This maybe a new member of staff. And the situation should be address with management. Have you seen the text messages and presents.

I’ve seen the presents yes, and know from other staff about the texts.
No rules seem to be in place as regards presents, as she has in the past had gifts from other carers, which I have always felt to be a bit strange. Doesn’t sit right with me.
Is it usual practice?

I would not have been very pleased if members of staff were buying my husband presents when he was in the nursing home. I’m not a jealous type. All I wanted was for them to treat him with respect and care for him professionally. Of course at Christmas when all residents received a small gift from the home I was pleased.
It doesn’t sit right with me

Certainly not usual practice and all care homes have policies in place.

I would be more attentive to such employees. To begin with, it would be nice to coordinate such gifts with relatives who are capable of sensibly assessing the situation. It is very easy to gain trust in older people, and then it is much more difficult to deal with the consequences of these actions.