Chronic Pain Clinic Fibromyalgia

The GP has referred my caree to the local pain clinic but there is a long waiting list.
So what can be done in the meantime?

The GP wants my caree to take less painkillers but that just leaves my caree in more pain and unable to do anything.

Which means that the unpaid carer has to do more e.g me.

There has been repeated contact with social services but my caree does not tick the right box’s to get a support package.

My caree is depressed and unhappy, again my caree has been referred to Mental health services, again there is a waiting list.

So caree and unpaid carer are left with no support for months.

Just great isn’t it.


very difficult for caree and carer.

As an aside, one of the Mum’s at S’s college has attended a fibromyalgia course held at the hospital - she found it really helpful. Probably another waiting list - but worth investigating.


Fibromyalgia is just such a misunderstood invisible condition.

Tried asking about a support group but there just isn’t one in our area.

Just hasn’t had any help treatment support for years.

Londonbound, it wasn’t a support group, it was a course run by the consultant and his team.


Recently, I have been worried about back pain more and more often… This is almost unbearable!

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