Just wanted to vent

I have no money for the next two weeks. My Fibromyalgia has gone haywire. I can’t sleep. But I have to do my job for my sick relative. All thanks to PIP while I wait for their reply to the reconsideration. I’m tired, I want to cry but I can’t. The tears just won’t come out. I feel like the world just keeps kicking me as hard as it can as soon as I try to get anything in order. And I feel like I have nothing left. But I can’t quit. Its like torture and if only I could sleep, just to escape this messed up feeling of everything being out of control. I have no painkillers left until next week. My GP provides 2 a day which doesn’t help when it gets too much which it has a lot lately. I am just misery on legs.

I’m sorry… I just needed somewhere to let it out other than my own head.

Shaun, as you know by experience, stress makes pain worse. Make an emergency appointment with your GP and explain the whole situation. Do you have meds for night time? I know several friends with fibromyalgia and they take amitriptyline at night which relieves pain by helping their bodies relax and they get a decent sleep, which in turn gives them a better day time.

What sort of care does your relative need?

If you have no money for two weeks then use your local food bank.

If you feel too poorly to care then ring social services and tell them your relative needs emergency care.

Have you done a benefit check to ensure you are claiming all you can?

Sorry this is brief but have a very tough time with my own caree, at the moment.


Info on food banks;

How to get help from a food bank

  1. Get in touch with your nearest food bank

Either by telephone or email and explain your situation. The food bank will be able to tell you which referral agencies they work with in your area and how you can get a voucher.
Find your nearest food bank
2. Arrange a conversation with the referral agency suggested by the food bank

This is an opportunity for you to explain the difficulties you’re facing, and to access help and support. If helpful, the agency can give you a food voucher.
3. Take the voucher to your nearest food bank centre

Once at the food bank, you will be welcomed by trained volunteers who will sit down with you to discuss your needs, provide a food parcel and help you find support to resolve the difficulties that have led to you needing to use the food bank.
Please note that you’ll need a food voucher in order to receive help from the food bank.

Thanks Melly. My GP is fully aware of my situation but it doesn’t make any difference. I had been on Amytriptiline but it didn’t work well with me. I know it works well for some people, but it made my mental health worse and my pain levels went up. My GP refuses to prescribe patients anything over 2 codeine per day and rarely prescribes sleeping pills no matter how bad things get. They’re afraid of the addiction component. I understand that, I’m just tired of being in pain. And sometimes the pain gets too much to bear. But I don’t have an out or a choice right now.

I don’t have money for a bus to sort the food bank thing out. My caree needs 24hr round the clock care. She has Menieres disease, limited upper body mobility, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and COPD. We have enough food if I cut down on what I eat which won’t be the first time. Last week I couldn’t make a doctors appointment because I had no money. It went on electric, bills and the bare minimum of food.

There isn’t much I can do. I guess I just have to suck it up. But it gets overwhelming sometimes not having anywhere to put it.

I know there’s no out to my current situation. I just wanted somewhere to let it out where people would understand.


Do you have credit on your phone or access to a landline from which you can call for free? If so, google a food bank in your area or look for a charity that helps with housing or even the CAB. Get in touch with them via the phone and explain your situation.

Certain food banks can help with food / clothing / toiletries / even small items of furniture for example a toaster or a kettle. Also, some can give clients a voucher for gas and electric top ups based on needs and circumstances. Food banks let you have food once per week but it’s normally 4 large bags and the gas / electric top ups are once every four months. However, it is dependent on where you live. I am sure all food banks work differently.

Now I don’t know about PIP but if you were on universal credit, you can ask for an advance from the job centre so they give you £xx amount of money but you pay it back via your benefits as a deduction each month. Get in touch with DWP and tell them you are without money for 2 weeks.