Annoyed an stressed

Hiya I’m new to this but wondered if anyone else feels the same way some times? It’s like i spend all my time caring for my wife and have 3 children.

I feel annoyed we can’t do thing like we used to.

Any thoughts


Are they disabled?

Yes she suffers with multiple conditions such as Fybrio FND, ME and memory loss and brain fog


I know several people with fibromyalgia, it seems very debilitating and unpredictable.
Do you get any help from Social Services?
I wonder if anyone has told you about Young Carers groups in your area?

Yes it is she really struggles a lot, not really had any help from anyone not through lack of trying. Seems like I’m getting fobbed off or places don’t understand her condition It’s just so hard sometimes. Not heard of that young carers before will Google it an see what it’s about.