New to Using forum BPD carer

Hi all

While I joined the website a while ago have not been using the forum, I have been caring for my wife for the last 6 years, she has diabetes, fibromyalgia, BPD, COPD and now heart disease. While I have struggled in the past with this caring roll it has always been for short periods of time and have always managed to find my way out of the fog. For the past few months things have been worse and i find myself feeling alone and seeing no way out, hence my search as I have no one to talk too… Thanks for reading …

My wife too has diabetes and fibromyalgia, 2 long term chronic conditions, so I know how you feel, she is receiving councelling for her mental health problems which helps.

I too have no one to talk to, there is little understanding of fibromyalgia, your wife looks alright to me, fibromyalgia is an invisable condition, people can’t see the constant pain and exhaustion.

In the North , where are you? have you tried your local carers centre, they can provide emotional support, and signpost to groups if thats your thing?

Hi thanks for your reply, I am very far North we live close to John O’Groats in Scotland having moved here from Romford for the quite life some 13 years ago and i must be honest it worked. I know what you mean with the invisible illness thread the funny looks when using the blue badge at the supermarket was even challenged once outside a chemists by another blue badge user as to what we were doing using it. With COPD and heart disease my wife cant walk much more than 20 foot without falling over. And if i hear just one more person tell me how lucky i am not needing to go to work I am sure I will scream. Love this time of the morning only time i get peace…