Christmas Plans

This post is dependent on what the Government decides in the next week but I’d like to see if anyone else has the same concerns as me?

My eldest sister has Down Syndrome & Autism so is critically vulnerable and lives with my parents who are her carers. My sister has slowly been deteriorating in her mental health since the second lockdown.

For Christmas the plan was for the three of them to come to me and my partner for Christmas Day. I’m low risk as I work from home and barely go anywhere. My partner still goes to work but that is the same as my Dad.

However, I can’t shake the concerns of having them round but I also dread the Government saying they can’t come. This has given my sister, and my mum, something to hold on to as they’ve struggled through the last month or so.

We are all torn between protecting my sister but also desperate to stop her decline (medical and social care are in the pipeline but nothing happens fast)

Hi S,

I think many are weighing up similar dilemmas. It’s difficult one isn’t it. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers and it’s one your family need to decide together.


It’s a case of damned of you do and damned if you don’t isn’t it. I agree with Melly that it’s only you and yours decision. Please do not feel guilty at what ever that may be. It will be from the right place!

My nephew and niece, spouses and kids visit every Christmas, 8 of them in total. We always look forward to seeing them. They live in the Portsmouth area. Now just been put in Tier 3. All plans now cancelled!!!

Many of us are facing the same dilemma, both of my parents are on the vulnerable list but I am their only child and we have missed each other so much. We have decided that they will drive over for Xmas Day and we will have windows open/heating on, make sure all tableware and cutlery is washed on highest setting, disinfect surfaces, door handles, bathroom thoroughly and after each use (lidl do a handy spray disinfectant that is very easy to use) , obviously, playing games that involve everyone touching the same things are a no-no. Myself, husband and younger son are isolating before we see them but my older son refuses to stay in so he will be seated the furthest away from my Parents. You just have to think through the steps you can take to keep everyone as safe as possible, at least you will have peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to be safe and still get to see your family.
Take care and try to have a good Christmas .x

Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond.

I had just made peace with our decision to meet up and then the changes happened yesterday. It mainly means my sister can’t come over on the 23rd for a sort of pre-visit as she hasn’t been to my new house before. We are still hoping to do Christmas Day in some way as we are all in Tier 2.

Hi S,
at least you can go ahead with a meet up on Christmas Day. You could always give your sister a FaceTime tour of your new house or send her some pictures or hold the get together at your Mum’s instead.
Not what you planned, but a compromise and thank your lucky stars you are only on tier 2!


We were in tier 3 and it had been arranged for me to spend Christmas Day with my sister and bro-in-law, just the 3 of us as with my nieces and various other in-laws we would have been 5 households :frowning: (Note: I’m single and live alone)

We’re now in tier 4 ( :cry: ) I’ve read the rules and regulations carefully and think that I could still visit with my sister as planned as a single adult joining up with another adult household - the only problem is I’m confused by the “bubble” situation. My sister is already in a bubble with her younger daughter for social reasons and child care (I also “bubble” with this same daughter for child care during term time). So my question is can I form a bubble with my sister if she is already “bubbling” with someone else ?

Can I still form a Christmas bubble?
It depends on where you live. If you live in areas in southeast England and London, which will be moving into tier 4 restrictions, you will not be able to form a Christmas bubble.

Will I be able to form a Support Bubble?
People will still be able to form support bubbles – even under tier 4 restrictions – if they are at particular risk of loneliness or isolation.

According to guidance on the government’s website, you can form a support bubble if you live by yourself; you are the only adult in your household; your household includes a child under the age of one; or your household includes a child with a disability who requires continuous care and is under the age of 5.

A support bubble entails linking two separate households. Once two households form a support bubble, they can have close contact with one another without social distancing and should think of themselves as being in one and the same household.

You can only form a support bubble with one other household.

It’s all very unclear I’d say.

I thought you could still travel for purposes of care whatever tier you are in and the bubble bit is for those who just live alone?