A Covid Christmas

Just wondering what people are doing about Christmas with those they care for this year?

I would definitely love to spend some time with the family but due to the increased risk of bringing Covid into our home I am hesitant.

I’m seriously considering having only my Uncle who is part of our bubble anyway as he lives alone and my boyfriend to visit over Christmas and do Zoom calls with the rest of the family. I know I am going to be kicking the hornets nest with the family if I do this though.

That sounds like a perfectly sensible plan to me.

We have our own ongoing bubble of 3 households.

My son with LD lives alone in his flat, he will be here for Christmas.

My grandson will also be here Christmas Day, to spend time with his daddy. He loves my roast dinners, and mince pies. He made the mincemeat with me last month.

My nephew, niece, their partners and children usually come over on Christmas Eve, They have lots of other relatives between them, for their own bubble, so we will catch up with a BBQ or something here in the summer.

My lounge is fairly small, and it’s a squash with 12 of us as the children are all growing fast. The summer is much easier for a crowd, because everyone ends up in the garden or conservatory. All I want is to know everyone I love is safe and well.

Someone on the radio said that what the government was proposing was like a submarine commander opening the hatch just because it was Christmas Day. That struck a chord with me.

Forest girl
I think you are being sensible, and caring. Not actually seeing someone does not mean you don’t care or love them!
I shall be going to my elder daughter and her husband. She isn’t my bubble family, younger daughter and family is. Will see them.
I long to see my granddaughter her partner and my one year old great granddaughter. I won’t, wouldn’t be fair to put pressure on them, as grandparents on both sides should be priority. She sends me videos regularly, always tells me she loves me. Same as my granddaughter in Falmouth. I miss them, but staying safe is far more important. We all say how we will enjoy a family get together when we can.
Your family should and must respect your decision.

I plan to descend into my underground bunker and screw the hatch up tight, ( quite a bit like a usual Christmas).

The way to stay safe is for everyone who wishes to meet to self isolate themselves 2 weeks before Xmas.
In this way everyone is then free of the virus.

Wise words, Albert.

I think its a balance between getting together and keeping the vulnerable safe that each family will have to strike and decide for themselves.

I think it will be tough on folk like S and I, who won’t be seeing family. We usually see friends around the main event - when they aren’t seeing their family. We won’t be able to do this as friends will rightly be prioritising family. The social events we rely on, won’t be happening, then we will be subject to the strict regulations following the five days, when everyone is moved into tier 3 to get the increase I cases and R rate back under some sort of control.

I’m hoping we have some time in tier 2 so at least we can have a meal out and I can take S out for cake …


I spend every Xmas on my own now as I have no family. I don’t find it tough.
It’s all a question of mental attitude to life.


I am glad you will be ok and I wish you well for the Christmas season.

Our situations are very different though. I will spending Christmas 24/7 with S who has autism, struggles with change because of his autism and who will be very anxious as we are not doing what we usually do. When he is anxious he is VERY loud and doesn’t sleep well, so I may well be managing his anxiety on very little sleep.