Christmas and birthday cards to distant relatives etc

Hi My Mum who I care for sends about 30 cards out each xmas/birthdays to people I have either never met or seen a couple of times 40 years ago etc. If anything happens to her then I don’t want that legacy. I’m not doing it full stop.
Would you just send a brief note saying that she has passed and no need for any future cards etc. Or would you just let them send them but not send them one back? I dont want to be rude but its bad for the environment, costly, and I dont know these people.

I’m just going to stop doing it I think. No need for explanations.I think people realize now that lots of people don’t bother or give to charity instead.

Hi Elizabeth,

Yes, just stop doing it. Actually a lot of people stop doing it when they get older anyway, so you won’t even be the only person not sending cards any longer.

I decided ages ago to stop Christmas cards to all and sundry. Except for I person who I really want to send to. Birthday cards to very close family and ,3 friends. Christmas cards are no go for me now. Everyone understands my reason. So distant relatives and people you hardly know, just don’t worry about the chore. You will find they won’t bother another year. Which obviously will be a relief.
This is just my way, but hope it helps

When my husband died in September 2006, I sent a letter (same letter duplicated) to everyone on our Christmas Card list, with details of the service. The following Christmas we had many cards saying things like “hope you are OK”, “Thinking of You” as they knew Christmas would be very different without him.
If you just write a brief note to let everyone know, the problem is properly and permanently sorted, and you can move on.

Thank you everyone who has replied.