Beyond the Farewell - a guide

Following the eventual and inevitable natural loss of my elderly parents I found little information to support people with the practical matters to deal with in the many months after the end of life of someone.

To fill this gap I have been writing a guide called Beyond the Farewell, which consequently also introduces some things that can be done in advance to make matters easier later.

The guide may be seen here:

It’s a work in progress for now as I make improvements, clarifications, additions etc., I invite your feedback to help me in that process, either here via the forum or via the ‘Issues’ tab on GitHub - beyondthefarewell/ Beyond the farewell, a guide..

The guide is otherwise ready for use to stimulate thoughts and spark ideas for addressing issues based on one’s unique circumstances.

I am a little nervous as to how it will be received, but I hope people will find it helpful.


It sounds like a good idea, one thing that is not done or explain what do love ones want when the time comes or unexpected.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will give some thought as to how to incorporate your suggestion.

It occurred to me I have not mentioned pets either, I am going to have to do some research on that one as neither I or anyone I know have faced that problem.

Some years ago I started a thread here about the practicalities when someone dies. Can the mods access this now?

@bowlingbun I’ve searched for the topic but haven’t found anything as yet. I don’t think everything was transferred over from the old forum, so it depends how long ago it was originally posted, I imagine. Perhaps the other mods might do better than I.

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By checking through all the topics you have started over the years I have found it (“When Someone Dies” August 2013) - but when I tried to open it I got a “page doesn’t exist” message so think that (a) it’s been archived or (b) didn’t survive the migration to this forum set up.

I’m flagging Michael to see if Admin can locate it in archives.

(@Michael_CarersUK - as above please)


It may have been captured by the Wayback Machine:*/

Anyone over 65 can sign up with The Cinnamon Trust who will ensure pets are taken care of if there are no family able to take them on. Everyone living in the household must be over 65 to use the service though.

I have made a few more updates to the Beyond the Farewell guide, incorporating your suggestions, thanks for those, and adding a few sections and thoughts of my own and other sources. Thankfully it has been well received by my local carers group.

As expected it is an ongoing work in progress so your feedback is welcome on further improvements, additions, etc. I seem to spot changes I could make every time I read the guide !