Childcare help

I’m pretty sure I read online that carers are entitled to some sort of childcare for under 3s, I’ve been on the GOV website and it does state that you could be eligible for 30 free hours but doesn’t say anything else? gimp free download

I’m a single parent I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old and I care for my mother, any help or info regarding this matter would be much appreciated please as I can’t seem to locate the right people I need to speak to.

Thank you

I can’t answer your childcare question I’m afraid, someone else will be along presently who can.
In the mean time, tell us a bit more about mum.
My own mum was disabled for about 30 years, and I juggled supporting her with supporting my brain damaged son and running a business.
There may be options for her that you are unaware of.
How old is she, and what health problems does she suffer from?

Check what help you could get with childcare costs
Use the new Childcare Calculator on GOV.UK to estimate how much help you could get from the government for approved childcare.

Temporary changes to the eligibility criteria mean you might still be able to get 30 hours free childcare and tax-free childcare even if your working patterns have changed because of the coronavirus outbreak.