CHC Scandal Gathering Momentum

New report in the British Medical Journal;

David Oliver: Rationing care by delaying decisions

Faceook’s CareToBeDifferent has a post;

Andrea Gray‎ to Care To Be Different
We all agree that our loved ones are being abused financially and emotionally ,when they are most vulnerable, Its time we all come to together as ONE , instead of us all fighting individually and alone

Somebody’s response;
‘One solid case to put forward after checking by solicitors that they is more than 55% of winning the case. With contemporaneous notes from day one, and the MDT notes an absolute mess from start to finish, without the GP, being aware of the condition of the resident. Plus the care home manager, not sure why the council had put the lady into his care.When his staff could not look after her due to her many health needs.’

Tack on the role of social workers in many applications for CHC and the result is … ?

The RATIONING thread covers that … at least two authors of threads on this forum have mentioned SWs taking the lead in their caree’s application.

If ever CUK response to OUR requests for quests on a Q&A session … poor Professor Luke Clements … he might have to clear his diary for 2 / 3 days ?

It’s a massive national Human Rights scandal, denying the most weak/defenseless/vulnerable in our Society: Financial + Emotional Abuse AND Fraud by the very ‘officials’/‘professionals’ paid from TAX PAYERS MONEY tasked to have a DUTY OF CARE towards;