CHC denied is a Human Rights issue

Ever since my Mum had the severe Strokes May 2012 that disabled and left her with various health issues, and I found out about the National Scandal the vulnerable, sick, elderly + disabled, like my Mum are prevented at all costs from qualifying for CHC; I have felt it’s a Human Rights issue. I have contacted various law firms about this to no avail; no-one acknowledges that it is.

I have come across, and emailed them the following web-link;
Are deadlines for reclaiming NHS Continuing Care fees illegal? Yet still no recognition, surely everyone is entitled to Human Rights; especially those too frail to deal with the complexities of CHC themselves?

The CHC Assessments cannot and should not have to be the only way of getting care funding, no matter how flawed they are and how unfit for purpose they have proven for thousands of families. There must be some sort of redress available in the form of free legal assistance. It’s not our fault the system’s broke, and the patient shouldn’t be forced to have to pay for the system those in power fail to fix.

Or is it a case of local authorities/CCG’s aren’t subjected to be questioned/doubted. Where’s the accountability then? When the Local Government Ombudsman or CQC aren’t interested either. As my own CCG’s website claims; “Our vision is to continually improve Bury’s health and wellbeing by listening to you and working together across boundaries”.

There has to be another way available through all the dross we are subjected to, for the sakes of those who desperately deserve far better than is.

I can only agree with most of the above … logical deductions as maybe deduced from the CHC RATIONING thread.

Another forum member has experienced similar setbacks … I can only repeat my recommendation to him posted earlier today :

Charles … a long shot but … worth investigating … through the " Deprivation of rights " angle ?

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To Butterfly , I would recommend investigating the same.

I have done; they are also not interested. I am keeping a very close eye on Rear Admiral Matthias’s campaign to take the NHS to court over this​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

One can only try , Butterfly.

Let’s all hope that said campaign produces the right result … for , probably , hundreds of thousands out there who have had applications rejected.

Like far too many issues we all experience in CarerLand , it will take the words of a judge to change the system … the most powerful weapon we all have.