CHC decision made then overturned

Hi all
We had a long year last year getting CHC sorted. The lady who did DST with us told us she would recommend that we get the funding.

That week she went of sick and took the paperwork with her.

A few weeks later another kind CHC nurse took over. He emailed us to tell we have been accepted and he was happy to put in place 16hrs. He then went if sick. I think they are under so much pressure.

Then just last week less than 12 month’s since the first MDT and decision we are now being told we have to have another MDT.

I have ask why but they say because no social worker was present. But the first nurse checked if that was ok with her manger.

We are very worried our care will just stop.

Is this legal?

Thanks for your time

Make a Subject Access Request and ask for copies of ALL records!
See Information Commissioner’s Officer website for full info.