Good morning everyone,
Hoping you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves,
Sorry I haven’t been on for quite a while now, as my husband is now in a care home, so i have had a lot of paperwork to do regarding David’s funding and also having housing benefit and Council tax benefit signed over to my name only, I didn’t realise how much went into this as before David became ill with Vascular Dementia,
he was in charge of all this, still hopefully now all relevant paperwork is now sorted,
You all take care, stay safe and keep well,
Maggie xx

Hi Maggie
I remember only too well the upheaval if taking over everything when my late husband went into a nursing home with vascular dementia and other health issues. We had our roles as a couple. As many couples did in the 60s and 70s. Surprising what you learn to sort and cope with. Sad to read your husband is now in a care home, although I know it’s for the best reason for both of you. Take care of yourself.

It’s a huge step when a loved one goes into care Maggie. Take care of yourself and visit your husband as often as you can. Xx