Changing carers

Hello Everyone

I 've been looking after my mother since March 2020. She came home for at home care, a week before the first lockdown. We’ve had carers 4x a day, since them.
I was also diagnosed with Autism earlier this year…something which I’ve always suspected.

I’ve been going crazy re: the carers, esp one who lacks any kind of boundaries. There is a great deal of insensitivity in their behaviour and it’s driving me mad.
My mother is going into respite care soon and I want to use some of this time to investigate other options for care.
My ideal situation is for a single person to help my mom out (who is in a much better condition now) about 3x a day. Someone who does things in a calm and orderly fashion and not the present carers who seem to be quite hyper, exhausting and boundaryless frankly. Currently my mother’s physio comes round once in a while and I wonder if I should go private or what other options do I have?

The council is paying for half of my mother’s care. Do I make contact with them and say that I want to change providers, at least initially. And look for physios who will help my mother get out of bed and start to walk again? She is more than capable, but with the current care package she has, this won’t be able to happen.

Hi J,

You could ask for different care providers. Did the council select this one? If are thinking of using an agency - you would do better ringing around agencies and talking to the managers. An other alternative would be to have direct payments and use these and your Mother’s contribution to hire carers directly - but you would need payroll services unless you wanted to manage the accounts yourself.

Re physio - if your mother can afford it - then intensive and regular physio would be ideal.


Can anyone give me the carers service link through which I can hire genuine and nice one.

Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience with us.