Change of Address

We have just had to move into a bungalow as I am having a hard time looking after my son and wife, son has Down’s Syndrome and my wife has Fibromyalgia, Long Covid, (She has lost over 6 stone in the past 6 month and has no energy, sleeps most of the time). I myself am also disabled, so it was vital we move to somewhere easy to live and keep clean (previous we lived in a 3 bedroomed house).
I phoned ESA to notify of my son’s change of address. 1 hour and 20 minutes, in queue, before I got to speak to anyone!
Got that done, at present, as I write this, I am attemting to notify PIP, I have currently been on hold 45 minutes.
Surely in this age of computers, all the DWP departments would be linked, so we only need to contact 1 DWP department, and all would be made aware, or as in the Carer’s Allowance the address can be changed online, (this took me 5 minutes).

DWP closed many local offices when things were going well, and replaced experienced staff (including my closest friend) with staff who had 6 weeks training on using the out of date computer system.
We used to have a local office a mile away, so easy, I could take in things that needed copying, changes of address etc.
If the registrar has access to a “tell us once” service, they it would surely be easy to extend it to other things?
Maybe Carers UK could take this up for us?