Awaiting PIP decision

my wife filled in a change in circumnstances form (basically a new form) iat the end of November 2020 as he physical health has declined and she now is reliant on sticks in the flat and wheel chair out of the house.

her normal payments have continues and she had a letter through to say that all face to face assesmnts have been postponed unti th end of this year due to covid. But we still havent heard any results from her new form and its getting annoying. its causing both of us quite a bit of anxiety.

i understand that they are probably backlogged but wondered if anyone else had contact with the DWP and PIP decisions.


since your wife has had a letter saying all face to face assessments are being delayed until the end of the year, they may well not give you a decision until she has been called for a face to face assessment. Did you have medical evidence of her decline to attach/send with the form?

You could telephone the DWP and enquire, so at least you know one way or the other.


Went sent off all the required copied of specialist reports, ot reports, msk reports and gp evidence. But we’ve heard nothing back. They won’t speak to me on the phone and my wife cant call them. She tried using relay text phone but after 48 minuets of being on hold they cut the call. Same thing happened the following day after 1 hour and 16 minutes on hold.

Would the video relay service be any use.


You could register as your wife’s DWP appointee and then you will be able to speak to them on her behalf.


I’ve tried getting to be her appointed person. But they keep asking to speak to her on the phone to confirm it.