Moving house while on ESA and PIP

Hello everyone,

I am currently in the ESA Support Group and on PIP. I would like to move out of my mums place and into independent living using a private landlord (with the support of my carer)

I wondered if anyone knows whether address change will constitute a change of circumstances with the DWP? If so does this mean I will lose my ESA and PIP and be moved to UC? I will also be needing to apply for additional housing support. Can this be “plugged in” to my existing claim or will I have to re-do all the agonizing asessments etc? I would usually try to contact the DWP to ask this but it’s almost literally impossible to get through to anyone at the moment.

Yes, it would trigger a review I’m afraid.

Nearly everyone making changes while of the old benefits system. Have to re apply through UC.


You would need to apply for UC which is fairly straightforward I have found. Which I believe replaces ESA.

There is a five week wait for payment too.

The independent living as it is a private landlord would come under UC

If you get the highest care rate of PIP I believe you get a slightly higher rate of housing allowance.