I wonder if anyone has advice, I’ve been working full time and caring for my Mum up to very recently. I finished work as Covid and lock down has taken a huge toll on my Mum, like so many she’s lost confidence and independence.
I’m in the process of applying for carers allowance and possibly other benefits (I’m not sure if I’ll qualify) but obviously my finances will be looked at!
Throughout lockdown Mum has being giving me a Cheque for any shopping etc… usually £100 and then another when that’s used up. I’m just wondering will this be classed as income and if anyone has any suggestions
Sorry that’s a bit long winded. I know I could go and get cash for her, but she doesn’t like cash machines and unfortunately isn’t quite ready to go into town to the bank as yet.

One of the criteria for being eligible for Carers Allowance is EARNED income - i.e. salary from employment. Upper limit on earnings is currently £128 per week.

Is Mum claiming any benefits ? As another criteria for eligibility is that the person you care for must be receiving a qualifying benefit.

Have a look here to see if you qualify

I know the criteria and she has attendance allowance
Basically I’m putting her Cheque into my account and giving her cash back - would this be classed as earning?

No. Just money laundering. :smiley:


Do you have Power of Attorney?
Does mum have a credit card?
My mum had a credit card and I had a second card for that account.
Anything mum wanted, I bought using the second card.
So much easier for both of us, and most importantly, a clear “audit trail”.
I have years of accounting experience and mum knew that she could trust me 110% with her card.
Unfortunately, at one time she gave my niece her debit card and PIN number and niece stole from mum.
My will says that under NO circumstances should niece inherit a penny from me!

Thank you that’s a great idea and would solve the issue :blush:

Not really funny when someone is asking for advice and is evidently concerned :crazy_face:

I firmly believe that we should always retain a sense of humour, no matter what the circumstances. I do refrain from joking about more serious situations that some members may have, but I felt that there may even have been a grain of truth in my jest.

On reflection, I still don’t consider it to be inappropriate, but if you remain offended, then I apologise.