Caring for my dad who is disabled and has cancer

I’m new, I care for my dad full time. He has prostrate and bowell cancer. He also has heart failure, diabetes and is physically disabled after his last hip replacement approx 8 years ago. My mum died five years ago of COPD and heart disease due to smoking. I also cared for her whilst working full time. I only work very few hours now. I have a brother who doesn’t help and doesn’t think he should as I live at home and he is married with a good job who doesn’t want to give up his spare time to give me a break and look after his dad. I get very down and fed up sometimes and the lockdown has been hard. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to who understands what I’m going through and compare notes.

Hi Sarah

You are in the right place for a listening ear. You are managing two keep a float with two jobs. Yes, caring is also a job. Caring can generally fall to one person within a family.

Are you link to any local carers groups.
Has there been a needs assessment for your Dad.