Caring for Mum with mixed dementia

Hi I’m Jane I live with my 80yr old Mum who has mixed dementia. My Dad was her career but he died April2020 so myself and my son look after Mum. I work full time 8 hour shifts so am kept busy. My son is 20 and while I am at work he is with Mum. At moment Mum can self care but she doesn’t cook for safety reasons. I just want to ask for any advice on information for Carers. Who should we be informing is there anyone we must contact anything we must do. I have POA financial & health for Mum. At moment it’s manageable if very lonely for her while I am working.
Thanks for any advice.
We live in south london

spell check that should say dementia! Not dentistry

Hi Jane and welcome to the forum

When I finally managed to drag my mum to the doctor regarding her Alzheimer’s disease he immediately passed us over to social services. That was 12 years ago now and we have had very little contact with these people: for the most part, they’ve been useless.

But it is worth talking with them, if you haven’t already. They might be able to lead you towards some good carers if and when your mum needs help in her personal care, though we’ve been very unlucky indeed in finding trustful people in that area. Another area social services might help you with is advising you in any supervised groups for people with dementia. They organise events and games, etc. If your mum is bored this might help, though my mum became bored quite quickly with the group itself.

Good luck with everything, David