When is a carer not an official carer with their GP?

The following has just appeared on the Facebook group for parents of adults with additional needs.
Has anyone else been experiencing problems?

I understood that by filling in a carer form with their GP practice someone was “officially” registered by them as a carer. They got an extra amount, about £200 per year, for each carer registered. This meant they should be entitled automatically for the things listed.

So is the statement below correct? If so, can Carers UK clarify urgently?!

“URGENT: We are hearing that to ensure you are OFFICIALLY registered as a carer at your GP surgery (even if you may already be listed with them as a carer) you now have to provide proof ie official carer’s allowance letter. This is important for several reasons like flexible appointments, free seasonal flu jab etc, but most importantly it’s vital if you want to be on the Covid vaccine priority list. I suggest you call your GP to clarify and email verification to them ASAP. I’d be grateful if you could post comments below if encountering problems registering with your GP.”

This is from my doctors web site …

Register a Carer
It is important that we know if you are a carer so that we can make sure you receive information, services and the help that is available. If you are a carer please complete this form. etc

The form doesn’t ask if you are in receipt of carers allowance.

I would say the Government has under estimated the number of carers. Regardless if you are in receipt of carers allowance or not. I think to myself when unpaid carers were allowed to be vaccinated. That’s be well under estimated how many there are.

My GP Practise says that being an unpaid carer is I quote “nothing to do with them”

There is no help available from the GP practise, no advice on services and help available for unpaid carers.

Despite the services have promised to offer joined up care, that all services talk to each other to ensure co ordinated help and support, make sure people don’t fall through the gaps.

It seems excepting unpaid carers in the above.

Is there an official government notice of this £200 payment, i can print out, show to my GP surgery?

I am not entitled to carers allowance so how can i prove i am an unpaid carer?

I haven’t been in touch with Social Services for years, I am not a registered unpaid carer, I am invisible basically.