Carers card ? What are they and are they worth getting

Has anyone got a carers card ??
Just wondering if there any good

Hi @Kazhaz and welcome.

Carers cards differ from area to area. I have one in this area but I’ve never used it for anything. It’s more an “in case of emergency” thing for me.

Perhaps others have different experiences?

Like @Charlesh47 I have a Carers Card issued for this area (Bristol and surrounding) and it gives discounts I have never yet used, but I have it in my wallet so if in an accident or there is an emergency someone can call the number, quote my reference (no personal details on the card) and the Call Centre knows G may need checking on and can alert neighbours/family.

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In our area, the carers card has a number which is stored on the local councils database which in our case is the same one used for anyone who has a care alarm pendant. Its just used so that if you are away from the person you care for and you have an accident which means you can’t get back to care for them, then there is a phone number on the card for anyone who finds you or for the emergency services to ring that number and the council will tell them the name, address etc of the person needing care. The idea is if you find yourself incapacitated, they know you care for someone and can get help to the person you care for in your absence. Its just for peace of mind really. In our area its not used for anything else but it’s a good idea to carry one with you.