Carers support group help and advice

Hi, i am starting a new carers support group for bame carers and was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas about how i could run the group and what would be useful?

Has anyone been to carers groups? What works? Its my first group which will run for 2 hours and i want to make it fun and also helpful…… if anyone has any ideas that would be great xx

My son was brain damaged at birth, when I was 27.
Whilst my friends had careers, I had to care for my son, so hyperactive he couldn’t sit still. My only respite was the special playgroup.
I tried carers groups many times, but always the same problem. Everyone else was a pensioner caring for a spouse who was elderly or had dementia. No help to me at all, they all shared their problems, I felt like a fish out of water. Even when I was 60, I was still the youngest.
The leader of the carers group was a lovely lady called Vicky, after retirement she moved to Wales, but we are still friends. She understood my situation and was always available for support, when needed, in my battles with Social Services, but it was individually, not in the group.

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