Carers Proof

I’m a carer for my 21 year old son. He has Dyspraxia, dysgraphia and social anxiety disorder and as such doesn’t go anywhere without me. I only recently realised that I can to some places free as I have to accompany him. What proof would I need, if any that I’m a carer. My son is 6ft tall and doesn’t look like he has any problems as Dyspraxia is none as the hidden handicap so i 'm worried that we would not be believed

My son looks fine but has severe learning difficulties.
Does your son claim PIP? Does your local authority issue Companion bus passes?
I often use my son’s as proof that he needs a carer. You shouldn’t have to prove you are a carer, he should have proof that he needs one.

Yes he does get Pip so I will look into that. We have only just got it after fighting for 3 years so it’s all new to me.

He should also be getting ESA, and now he has PIP, there should be extra premiums too.
Are Social Services providing any help or support for you?

One of the main functions of the forum is to help people get what they are entitled to.


Your son may be entitled to Universal Credit if it has been rolled out in your area. It would be £251 per month for someone your sons age living at home with you.