Disabled person caring for a disabled person

Hi there
I am new. I am 62 and have MS, PTSD and dyslexia. I am an unpaid carer for my daughter (27) who has MS and ADD and my son (17) who is Autistic. Can anyone tell me if there is any funding etc that I can get please. For those who do not know I am not entitle to Carers benefit as I claim PIP and ESA. Catch 22 isn’t it? In June next year My son who I adopted, turns 18 where all the credits I receive for him stop bar his PIP. This amounts to half my income. I know that I can get him ESA. The amount from this that I would put towards the house will not cover the outgoings. I could sell up but am loath to do so. My daughter is going into sheltered housing in the near future.
Thank you all

Hi Sharon.

An online benefits calculator … ideal for those " What if " scenarios … and / or expert advice … CAB and / or CUK’s Advice Team ?

The choice is yours.

Links to all three follow :




( CUK … Best by email. )

Needs / Carer Assessments … upto date ?

Council Tax … disregard / discount ?

In case it’s needed , a guide to home care services … what’s available , and who provides them :


Have you had a needs assessment or not?