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Howdy all

I signed up yesterday. I am 61 years young. I guess I ought to make it clear I am not a carer myself but I feel sure I will find this site invaluable - hope so!. I have quite a few conditions, the main one being Essential Tremor, double incontinence, lymphodaema (one leg only currently affected). A friend has just applied to be a carer for me, previously this was always on a completely informal basis. He has moved into my property as he can see how unsafe I am in my home… I no longer drive, he does all the driving I currently receive ESA and standard PIP which was awarded after submitting an MR. I scored ZERO for mobility notwithstanding that my Local Authority awarded me a Blue Badge and a Bus Pass without me having to attend a medical. I use x1 walking stick at all times, my balance is appalling, he takes me shopping and deals with my personal care. With the utmost of respect, that simply does not compute. At the time of writing I am waiting for a recall to assess my situation.

Please say hello and if this is inappropriate, please point me in the right direction. I NEVER sulk. Preferred handle is Mags.


Hi Mags, be sure to appeal over your PIP, over 50% of appeals are successful.
Make sure you also ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment, and make sure your friend has a Carers Assessment too.

Just swinging past to say HELLO and Welcome

Hi Mags
Welcome to CUK