Carers males about fifty

Hi I’m single lady looking for gentleman who is looking after a parent with dementia
Like myself have not alot of time on my hands but like friendly gossip hopefully from northampton shire area


hey michelle,
i was going through your post… it was quite interesting and indifferent, I will recommend others and hope u will get the person u r looking for.

much obliged.

Hello Michelle and welcome to the Carers UK Forum :slight_smile:

If you are looking to connect with other carers you might like to join in with out “Care for a Cuppa” sessions - these are regular informal Zoom meetings so that carers can chat with others in a similar psition.

The detils are here

Hi Michelle,

this forum is mainly for cyber support and advice. However, a few members have made friends and met up in real life. We did have a forum romance a few years ago and the couple got married. The members of the forum come from across the UK. You might find connecting with a local carers group a good way to meet up with other carers.