Former carers to please get in touch

Hello & Hope your all having a good weekend. Are there any Former carers from Surrey, Hampshire or sussex, would like to hear from you. Stay safe & Thank you for reading this regards Amanda

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New Forest, Hampshire.

Good evening, thank you for your reply. what a lovely part of the country you come from. My Late Father was born in Cadnam & christened in Minstead church. He told me that they used to go into southampton on a pony & trap!! regards Amanda

Surrey area of UK. Nice to meet you too my friend

hi Nice to meet you. Are you ready for christmas? Its cold at the moment. Have you joined the carers meetings on Zoom? they are all very good . best wishes amandah

wishing all Former carers & carers as well a very Happy 2024. Stay safe & remember to take time out each day .

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Wishing you a happy New Year too, Amanda

good morning. Hope your well. What horris weather !! is there a meeting tomorrow 24th for Former carers? or have i slipped up as i could not attend the care for a cuppa yesterday . very sorry regards Amanda

Hi Amanda - yes, there is a Care for a Cuppa session for former carers tomorrow, 24 January (5-6pm).

You can register to attend here:
Care for a Cuppa | Carers UK

We hope to see you tomorrow


hi Michael, I thought i had missed it. Look forward to talking tomorrow best wishes Amanda

No I don’t know how to.