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Hi my name is Richard and I feel that I lost my wife as a wife to dementia a few years ago. Since then I feel alone with nobody to talk to. I joined here hoping to find somebody that I could chat to who would relate to my circumstances. I would love to find somebody in Ipswich Suffolk where i live, so that we have that in common too. I don’t understand forums and don’t even know how I know if I get a reply. I am a 24/7 carer for my wife, and although Social Services are currently trying to arrange respite for my wife to give me a break, I am just mentally and physically drained. Anybody local to me out there or could you put me in touch with somebody local please? Many thanks in advance.

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Hello Richard and welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

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Quite a few of our members care for a loved with dementia and will know very much how you are feeling. I cared for my Mum who had Alzheimers for a number of years before she died in 2012.

Covid is making everything so much harder right now - under normal circumstances I would suggest that you contact your local Carers Centre. If you google Carers Centre and Ipswich you should get a list of those nearest you - normally they would be holding coffee mornings etc where carers can get together. Alternatively check to see if the Alzheimers Society has a branch near you - again they usually have local peer group meetings (mine was a lifeline !).

Or you could sign up for our “Care for a Cuppa” sessions which are proving to be very popular

Good morning Richard & welcome

Here is another forum that also might help in connecting with others …

My heart goes out to you! I personally think dealing with a loved one. Who as difficultly with their mind. Can be so very over whelming and draining.

What are your ages?

You say you are new to forums. Yet you have made a excellent start.

Hi Richard, welcome to the forum.

I can’t help with your question, but I can ask some that might be of interest to you.

Do you have any day to day help?
Did you know that your wife is entitled to Attendance Allowance, if over 65 (or PIP if under 65)?
Did you know that since the day of diagnosis, your wife has been EXEMPT from Council Tax?
You can make a retrospective claim for this, someone has had over £8,000 refunded!!
Is your house dementia friendly, with a suitable shower, a tumble dryer, a dishwasher?
Every second saved really counts.
Do you have a garden too?