Direct Payments for Carers

Take a break service only offered afternoon only! 3 hours once a week, On same day of every week! I requested that need the morning to do something, but they ignored my request . What’s the point
Of having this so called service if you can’t choose YOUR/MY TIME!:thinking: ‘Oh carers are busy mornings’
Well as a carer should be entitled to Direct Payment then for this 3 hours a week I know two people
Who can help with this for my time Morning! But as no funds can’t pay them! But no offer of D/P
to help sort this? Obviously if I just took ‘anything’ to get 3 hours a week, at the rates per agency
£18 per hour £54 per week X4 weeks £212!! Council would be paying to agency!:relieved::thinking: Yet can obviously give D/P then! I can get my own ‘Sitters’ for £12 per hour! Doesn’t make sense Council
Want to waste money yet I can get a private service for less! :thinking::hugs:

That’s mad, ?Moonlight. Where we live they are are pushing for DP to be used, minimum wage rates, of course.


Thanks Melly 1 the mind boggles! I asked this elsewhere and was more or less told
Take what they offer! You have to fight for things! I’m sure I’m right if council pay me
D/P then I can get on with my life and not bother Council.:thinking: The Council have the money alright
to pay agency! As if I took ‘any 3 hours a week’ they would be paying! Imagine all this money
I’m saving them as not using the ‘Take a break’ service :slight_smile:. at the moment I pay some one privately
as I need to do something (as only available) in the morning, oh well we plod on another case to
Open with the ‘Care ombudsman’! Sorry to rattle on but you have to speak your mind! :thinking::hugs: