Take a break service

Was told can have 3 hours a week ‘Take a break’ or 6 hours once a fortnight?:thinking:
But checking Councils website ‘Save up to a maximum of 6 weeks’ …so
6 weeks equals 18 hours…as they say to have a longer break…:thinking:So If needing a good nights sleep!
so that means what it says on the tin? as of course the cost of the carer stepping in…
But obviously would not be away 18 hours! So how would that work then?

Hi Moonlight, this sounds like a unique arrangement to your council. I
Do they provide the funds and you find the care workers or do they provide the care through an agency/ council care workers? I’m guessing if you went with the 18 hours in one go, the care worker would stay at your house with the caree. I’d just ring up and ask.


Thanks Melly1, Take a break normally giving 3 hours a week council would provide carers
as per carers ‘rights’ for a break.

Are you going to take them up on the offer?