Carers assessment

I wonder if anyone can tell me how long it takes to receive payment after a carers assessment. I was told I would receive payment for an item a few months ago but am still waiting, although I’m told it has been forwarded to the finance dept. Is this normal?
Many thanks

Quite normal each local authority work in different ways and time scales.

I got granted my one and only gym pass, after a carers assessment I had 7 years ago and waited well over 12 months for the money for the gym pass. When I received it, the costs of the gym had gone up and I was forced to pay the difference. I think it’s normal for delays and very deliberate. It’s not right though!

I would contact the Complaints Officer and use the words “unreasonable delay”. That should concentrate the minds a bit.

Hiya Bowlingbun, Oh I did at the time, I went all the way through complaint resolution with social services, and by the time I was able to take the matter to the ombudsman, they said it was out of time. They refused to even look into it. Social services got away with doing this, so continued by delaying my next carer’s assessment as well and giving absolutely nothing at all on the next one. They used the delay in receiving the gym pass, as an excuse to refuse any assistance on the next carers assessment.

Over the years I think I have had two Carers Assessments but never got a single thing in return. In my opinion they are a waste of time.

Just a tick box exercise for most unfortunately

What are we entitled to through a carers assessment? we are supposed to get breaks and support and a carers health check and in some areas a grant to help the carer have a life on their own.

I have heard unpaid carers should get direct payments, so they can choose and pay for suitable support.

Me too i have attended carers assessments, but at the end not entitled to any help despite unpaid carers strategys etc.

To ensure that unpaid carers get support.

Neither my carees or myself unpaid carer are getting any support from anywhere.

I haven’t even been told about any discounts for unpaid carers, are there any discounts for unpaid carers?

I have seen a lot of stickers in business windows 10 or 15 per cent off when you show your NHS card.

I have seen discount schemes for students.

Unpaid carers, just nothing, maybe there are but you have to find out yourself or word of mouth from another unpaid carer.

There was supposed to be a leaflet for unpaid carers in North Yorkshire, sources of support etc. given to all new unpaid carers

Say when they first contact Social Services or their caree/relative etc is discharged from hospital.

But again not heard anything about this.

@ Londonbound - have you been in touch with this Yorkshire focused organisation?

Support for Young and Adult Carers - Carers' Resource!