Carers Assessment Delay

Hello. This is another request for some guidance please…

A little over three months ago I completed a carers assessment. Although my local authority has acknowledged receipt of the document, they haven’t provided any meaningful feedback or given a timeframe for when I can expect a decision. I have chased on four occasions. Is there is a statutory timeframe around this, or even national best practice guidelines?

I find the system so demoralising. I support three adults with different health needs, I have my own children, I have had to cut my working hours which means I have to watch every penny I spend, I’ve not been away with my children for three years (and even then it was three days in a mobile home!), I field phone calls at all hours of the day and night - and yet the system treats me like an inconvenience. The very system that is meant to support me makes actually makes me want to run away.

I know that giving me the carers assessment is statutory - but it’s the result that I care about.


Hi Michaels.

Post code lottery at it’s finest ?

( Statutory considerations under the Care Act 2014 but silent as to time … " Reasonable time " … what does that actually mean
in practice ??? )

3 months … around the norm but well short of some delays reported.

Little you can do except chase.

The adult social care system asks so much of carers, it can put obstacles in the way of loved ones providing care, and yet when there is a bit of light and hope with the promise of a carers assessment and the minor rewards it can bring - the system makes you wait and wait, it doesn’t communicate, and it generally makes you feel as if YOU are the problem for asking for help. When I say system, I do of course mean its employees.


Our world , CarerLand , is full of false hope … from our very own supporting organisations right through to the NHS and
both Houses within Parliament.

Not sure about carers assessment. But as with obtaining any support it seems to be a case of “he who shouts loudest…”. I am not the sort of person who shouts loud. But I have learnt to be. Make yourself a nuisance and keep chasing it up.

I totally agree with the feeling of being treated like an inconvenience. The “system” is a disgrace. It makes me so sad, Especially for those who can’t or won’t “shout”.

Write a letter to the Director of Social Services, marked for his personal attention, send Recorded Delivery.
Tell him when you first contacted his department, how desperate you are for support, and will have no option but to contact the Local Government Ombudsman if it’s not done in the next 14 days.
The LGO says it should take no longer than 4-6 weeks.