Carers accesment

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any information on what happens after you have had a carers accesment .how do you find out the results all I have is an email with links to certain organisations and saying that I should access the councilor that was offered.thanks.

That’s often what happens if you are not entitled to any official help, you are sent details of other organizations that might be able to help.

If you are caring for someone with dementia you will be sent details of dementia help groups etc.

And the counsellor will be able to deal with stress etc.

But if you are unhappy with the results, you can complain, sometimes you can get a carers grant, in North Yorkshire it’s £250.

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What help might I get?

That’s not enough! You should be sent a full copy of their assessment, name, address, home situation, health issues, what you feel would help you etc. Their resultant plan should be things like funding for gym sessions, funding for counselling, etc. Writ to the council and ask for a FULL copy of your assessment!

They told me after my carers assessment to go back to work and care from a distance.

They also said the only service they have available is someone coming in for a 1 off 6 days per month and thats it. All temp support nothing long term.

Also, my carers assesment conflicted with my brothers appeal for change of options 2 to 1.