Carers Assessment

I requested a carers assessment on 3/7/19
I received a telephone call on 5/7/19 and had a over the phone assessment and then was told someone would be in touch…
Weeks later I emailed my local council asking for a update on my assessment and how things were progressing. I received a message saying that on 18/08/19 someone would come to my residence for a more formal assessment which did take place. I was also told that I would receive an answer within four weeks… still no response.
If I knew this process was so long and stressful I’d never made contact with them; the amount of times I’ve had to chase people to get answers is abysmal: does anyone have any advice please???

Hi Ray.

Far too common a problem with carer assessments as many threads over the years will reveal.

For what it’s worth , a text book guide to assessments from elsewhere on this site :

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Let us know what you are finally offered … it will assist others going through the same process.

Hang in there. I had a social worker come to my apartment to do a needs assessment this week on Monday. But I haven’t heard back yet or received a copy of the report detailing her findings however I asked for it as she left my flat. I told the social worker I thought he really needed more adaptive equipment and also requested some advice on referrals/a assessment for additional private physical and occupational therapy for Logan. I am planning to call back on Monday first thing to chase things up. It is hard, isn’t it? Of all the evaluations he had had since 2016, this is one of the most hardest ones ever really. I am still waiting.

This is why I love and hate assessments and evaluations.