Carers alway late before CV

I am an 82 yr old carer who has 8 carers a day, I am with a bad firm who has to be nameless alas
i have a hospital bed in my lounge, I am unable to do anything for him apart from use a syringe for drink, meds etc. This firm has had organization problems since I joined them in Dec, it was bad then, I should have changed but decided to give them a chance!!!
now whats happened is to-day instead of an 8 am call they came at 11-30, he was in a mess and so was I with anxiety, the wounds on his backside are bleeding and fecies must have got into them,
Just want to know if others are having the same type of problems, I should have changed when I could
he gets agitated when he feels the need to do wee etc

Hi Monica,
Your caree is clearly very ill.
Are the carers arranged by Social Services, or provided by the NHS Continuing Healthcare scheme?
Clearly they are useless if they are not on top of the bed sore situation, which is VERY serious indeed.
Complain to The Care Quality Commission immediately.

Also, take photos of the bed sores, daily, so you can see if they are getting worse or better.
Are they being honest when they write in the care records when they arrive and leave?

Can I ask what is the matter with your caree? Is Attendance Allowance being claimed?

Telephone: 03000 616161

There is an online contact form.

well to answer your question, A A never had it due to being over limit and age. next contacted S/S yesterday, cant change now too late with the prob now. Nurses called out and took pics and now Doctor involved, Nurses phoned Scott care and said he was at risk and vunerable need to be prioity
I waited and waited yesterday, he had been lying in Feces sine 8 pm the night before until 11-20 wednesday.he is 88 completely bed bound i have to give him fluid thro a syrings and feed him baby food, he is at risk of choking. he can have partial seizers at any time, they dont even use masks
i am going to get the ccg involved. I wpildnt mind one of the carers lives in the next street
and the other a short journey away, so they have to go off the island 12 miles away and attend them before here, even the nurse said it was crazy, when I phoned S /C they hung up on me!
I dont have neighbours or family, so on my own, he was a severe risk before the c/v hit and I have kept records since decnnnm now they are blaming C/V

Who told you he can’t get Attendance Allowance?!
Yes he can, it is for pensioners!

If you are under pension age and not working, you are probably entitled to Carers Allowance.

From what you describe now he is very unwell, and needs 24/7 care3 either at home or in a nursing home. Tell the GP to arrange an NHS Continuing Healthcare FAST TRACK application today, it should be provided within 48 hours.

If you don’t feel able to clean him up, then this is the time to ask for him to be transferred to a nursing home.

The virus is now blamed for anything and everything. The fact is your caree is reaching the end of his life and is entitled to proper care and support via the NHS!