Carers allowances

Hi all, during covid my partners full time carers left. We’ve been together for nearly four years and since I moved in with him I do the majority of his care anyway, as well as at the time having a full time job and five kids between us.

My partner was in a car crash in 2015 which left him unable to use his arms or hands. This means he needs help eating, washing, shaving, brushing teeth, getting drinks for him etc . He does have a full time job as a lecturer.

We’ve been allocated 2 hours a day for care - which is ridiculous. I spent two days last week at the hospital with him as he was poorly and they didn’t have enough staff their to help him go to the loo ( don’t have special toilets).

I had to give up my full time job last October as he was struggling with stomach problems so I was forever having to collect him from work and help him at home as he was struggling from migraines .

However I can’t financially afford just being paid 2 hours a day (£18 a day). I am trying to freelance myself however find it difficult
To be able to commit to jobs due to the amount of care my partner needs.

The council thinks it takes me 20 mins each morning to shower him, wash, dress, make his breakfast, feed him and make his packed lunch . I also have to go at lunch time a few days a week to help him eat.

The amount of hours a day to care for my partner is actually around 6-7 or more. He can’t even get himself a glass of water! So it’s sometimes sporadic.

Is there anything I am missing in terms what I am entitled too as because I am his partner they seem to think I should have to quit my job and help him for the rest of the hours - howeber we aren’t married and I have my own three kids to provide for . I also abs to drive Him every other weekend for four hours to collect his girls and then I feed them, cloth them etc all weekend so it seems a little unfair that I get paid 2 hours a day when I used to earn 30k a year ! If I didn’t do it then he wouldn’t get the care he needs .

Any help would be appreciated , thanks

Hi Stacey & welcome

My goodness you have a lot on your plate. Does your partner work in a education/college or main stream company. Has he spoken at all with his employer. To see if anything could be offered or adjusted etc.

You could do a benefits calculator which might give you some idea. But no ones knows the correct figures until an application has been completed.

No you certainly can’t manage of the currently care package. This needs addressing and needs to be increased. I feel sad for you having to give up your job. The decision to do this was it a joint one and you feel it the best option.

Are you aware of free NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Hi Stacey

Two hours seems paltry under the circumstances and is almost certainly on the grounds that you’re meeting so many of his care needs.

A reassessment is in order. Let them know that you intend to go back to work and in order to carry out jobsearch and go to work, you need a Carers Assessment to look at your needs to make this possible.